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About ITRA

On ITRA (Interntional Trail Running Association) web site you could check ITRA Calendar. In acest moment sunt listate pe 1000 de competitii din intreaga lume cu diferite grade de dificultate si distante intre 10 si 400 km, curse dintr-una sau pe etape (mai multe zile).

In cazul in care ati alergat una dintre cursele listate de ITRA atunci va veti regasi fara indoiala in clasament: Search a runner ITRA

Calendarul (cu peste 4000 de curse) aici:

utwt 2018

About Ultra Trail World Tour

September, 1st 2013 in Chamonix 8 famous trail running Race Directors decide to group together within a unique circuit in order to “share and promote the values of this sport”.
Led by the UTMB® and the Marathon des Sables, the most known trail running races, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour wants to be the best proposition of over 100-km races in the world.

The races in the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, in their specific natures, illustrate all the diversity of trail: steep paths of the Alps, California trails, hills and beaches of Hong Kong, Moroccan desert…
The races’ many different formats present participants with a real adaptation challenge.
Between La Sportiva® Lavaredo Ultra-Trail® and the Tarawera 100km Ultramarathon, between the Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji and Transgrancanaria HG, participants need very different qualities to win, or simply to become a finisher.
While being fundamentally different, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour races have common values, which they are proud to share and to promote. Ethics, equality in sports, self-respect, respect for others, for the environment…
Taking part to the Ultra-Trail® World Tour is the opportunity, throughout the years, to discover cultural and sporting differences. Every continent is included: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania… providing opportunities to enhance their sporting culture, create new friendships, and to feed on emotions in order, one day perhaps, to be a “finisher” in all the events!

Despre Ultra Trail World Tour

In septembrie 2013 la Chamonix 8 directori de cursa au decis infiintarea Ultra Trail World Tour, in circuit unic avand ca scop promovarea valorilor acestui sport unic: alergarea montana.

Cursele din UTWT, in specificul lor natural ilustreaza diversitatea naturala: carari inguste in Alpi, lungi poteci in California, dealuri si plaje in Hong Kong sau desertul marocan…

Formatul diferit al curselor provoaca alergatorii la o adaptare brutala.
Intre La Sportiva® Lavaredo Ultra-Trail® si Tarawera 100km Ultramarathon, intre the Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji si Transgrancanaria HG, participantii au nevoie de diferite abilitati pentru a se clasa cat mai sus sau pur si simplu pentru a termina cursa.
Desi sunt fundamental diferite cursele din Ultra-Trail® World Tour au valori comune pe care le promoveaza cu mandrie. Etica, egalitate, respect pentru sine si pentru ceilalti, respect pentru mediul natural fabulous.
A lua parte la Ultra-Trail® World Tour este o oportunitate de a descoperi diversitatea culturala si sportive. Toate continentele sunt incluse: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania dand astfelposibilitatea  tuturor de a lega prietenii si a descoperi locuri noi.

Termina o cursa din circuitul Ultra Trail World Tour si te vei regasi in familia UTWT. Daca termini 2 curse vei avea in loc special in clasamentul UTWT al anului respectiv.


About Sky Running

From sea to sky, skyrunning spans the great outdoors, across the world’s mountain ranges…and the imagination of thousands of participants and fans. It’s a sport born in the wild, where the logic was to reach the highest peak in the shortest time from a town or village. Today it represents the peak of outdoor running defined by altitude and technicality and counts some 200 races worldwide with around 50,000 participants from 65 countries.
It is defined by the Federation that was formed to govern the sport, the International Skyrunning Federation, as “running in the mountains above 2,000m altitude where the climbing difficulty does not exceed II° grade and the incline is over 30%”.
Skyrunning was founded in 1992 by Italian Marino Giacometti, President of the International Skyrunning Federation which sanctions the discipline worldwide and sports the tagline: “Less cloud. More Sky”

HERE you’ll find official CALENDAR

Despre Sky Running

De la nivelul marii pana la cer, skyrunning-ul inseamna peisaje incredibile de-a lungul lanturilor muntoase. Este in sport nascut in natura salbatica unde principalul obiectiv este sa urci in cel mai scurt timp cel mai inalt varf ce strajuieste o asezare umana (de unde e si startul de obicei). Astazi skyrunning-ul reprezinta varful alergarii montane definit de altitudine extrema si trasee foarte tehnice. Numara in jur de 200 de curse in intreaga lume la care participa peste 50.0000 de alergatori din peste 65 de tari.
Federatia ce are grija de acest sport, International Skyrunning Federation, defineste sky running-ul ca “alergarea in munti la peste 2000m altitudine unde dificultatea de catarare nu depaseste nivelul de II°  si inclinatia este de peste 30%”.
Skyrunning-ul a fost fondat de italianul Marino Giacometti, President of the International Skyrunning Federation care traduce in cateva cuvinte esenta acestui sport: “Less cloud. More sky”

AICI aveti CALENDARUL oficial.

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